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Areas we serve:
Spokane Apparel is a top uniform and apparel supplier to customers across Washington and the US. We also provide embroidery and screen printing to Airway Heights, Cheney and Spokane Valley.
All of our programs feature zero inventory commitment, saving you money and limiting risk while maintaining fast fulfillment of orders.
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Our massive Embroidery and Screen Printing capacity ensure even the largest orders are processed quickly, and shipped to as many locations as you need.
Uniform Portals
We setup custom web portals for your staff or management to easily place custom apparel orders with many payment options.
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The Healthcare Experts
Our solutions for hospitals and Healthcare Providers take the burden off your staff from order collection, through fulfillment and billing.

Success Stories

Our uniform and employee benefit solutions are in place with major employers across Washington and the entire US.  Whether you need a custom ongoing program or just have a large order you need produced, we can help make it a success.  Browse below to see some examples of our current programs and solutions.

We Deliver Results

Contact Spokane Apparel to discuss your current project or an an going custom program to serve your uniform needs.

Who We Are
Spokane Apparel and Uniforms Made Easy work as a sales and marketing partner to All Custom Wear, providing custom uniform programs and solutions to Spokane Valley Area companies.
Areas we serve:
Spokane Apparel is a top uniform and apparel supplier to customers across Washington and the US. We also provide embroidery and screen printing to Airway Heights, Cheney and Spokane Valley.
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